Headstart has established a reputation for empowering our customers with right solutions to act on the right information at the right time.


This business is about making difference. First and foremost it is making a distinctive difference among CUSTOMERS by offering leading edge technology products and services, keeping in mind emerging future requirements.

Second, it is about making difference in the lives of EMPLOYEES, by creating new meaning in the pursuit of an ambitious aspiration, providing hope of an exciting future and by opening every possible avenue for personal contribution.

Finally, it is about making difference to SHAREHOLDERS, by creating new market space by generating new wealth and by building a legacy for superior to that which existed.

Last, but not the least, it is about making a difference in the lives of the less privileged, by measured contribution to time and money year on year and weaving social responsibility into the very fabric of our organization.

Our Belief And Vision

We are the product of our thinking process and whatever we are thinking of TODAY, is the corner stone of our TOMMORROW.

Grow a business on the leading edge of Retail and Hospitality technology by building life time value relationships.

Our Values


Quality Philosophy

To achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by continuously improving all our work process while providing