Dynamics Mobile

Dynamics Mobile

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is now mobile!

Dynamics Mobile is the mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP that just works. Fast to implement, easy to customize, friendly to use, our mobile app delivers the optimum mobile experience to both IT specialists and end users. The application works on a variety of platforms and devices, ensuring reliable remote access to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Due to its advanced technology that enables all the data and business logic to be stored locally on smartphones and tablets, Dynamics Mobile is the mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics that supports real offline mode. Find out more about Dynamics Mobile’s rich functionalities and capabilities.


  • Online and REAL OFFLINE operation modesDynamics Mobile devices
  • Ready-to-use functionality
  • Unlimited customization capability
  • Short implementation cycle
  • Support for peripheral devices and built-in device features
  • Remote installation, management and monitoring
  • Broad range of Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV versions supported
  • Personalizable, user-friendly interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Support for diverse mobile platforms
  • Highest security standards
  • Unique solution architecture
  • On-premises and cloud-based implementation models
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

Real offline mode

Dynamics Mobile uses an advanced technology replicating and enforcing all the business logic from Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX and NAV) on smartphones, tablets, handhelds, badges and other mobile devices (even on Smart TV sets!). This allows your team to perform all activities in online, offline or mixed mode, and makes it independent of the current Internet connectivity status.

In other words, employees can always seamlessly perform activities like:

  • Complex pricing and discount calculations
  • Invoicing and document number series issuing and printing
  • And many more. Actually, all you need!

Everything is automatically synchronized with the ERP when 3G, Wi-Fi or other network coverage is present.
This is what we call a real offline mode – no functional limitations, no errors during synchronization! Just the same as you are working online!

Unlimited customization capability

Being a unique, standalone platform, Dynamics Mobile allows you to create and modify:

  • Business logic
  • Modules and functionality
  • Data
  • Screens and layouts
  • Reports
  • Peripheral devices
  • Languages
  • User rights, and more

And the customization is fast and easy, as our cross-platform development tool helps you write a single code and deliver it to different operating systems.

Start working in no time!

Though everyone can create their own modules and features, Dynamics Mobile includes various predefined functionalities:

Dynamics Mobile

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