Headstart AX Retail Extensions

Headstart AX Retail Extensions

Craving more from your AX 2012 Retail implementation?

Headstart has ignited an extra possibility on top of the current Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 Retail implementation, called Headstart Retail Extensions (HRE). We can help you retain your valuable customers and attract new customers, through exciting and exclusive promotions and discounts, sales return management, and repair/complaint management.

Ever thought of delighting your staff and increasing your revenue by providing them an opportunity to purchase from your stores? Employee/Staff Sales Module was developed with this in mind.

Motivate your employees by providing them commission for meeting their sales target. You can define the rule for calculation of commission and HRE will generate reports for you hassle-free.

Has your Store Manager ever mentioned the need of more reports from the POS to help carry out his/her routine tasks? HRE comes with POS reports which can make day to day operations at stores easy.

Conception of HRE

Our constant interaction with clients, and their vast experience in the retail industry gave us the insight into the extensions that the retailers need. With expertise gained from over 100+ successful implementations against a wide range of products, our innovative professionals developed HRE to lessen the work of retailers by enhancing their system.

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