Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce

Integrated e-commerce for Dynamics and SAP

Sana is the integrated e-commerce for Dynamics and SAP platform that is installed inside AX, NAV, GP, SAP ERP, SAP Business One (B1) or your ERP system. Sana leverages your Dynamics/ SAP investment and delivers higher customer satisfaction.

Sana Commerce is the integrated B2B web store that is installed inside Dynamics and SAP. In this way, the integrated web shop leverages the existing ERP information and calculations. This is how we ensure that companies who invested a lot in their ERP, do not need to invest again in setting up their integrated e-commerce web shop. Your customers benefit as well, with customer pricing, assortments and transparency in their (order)history and other business data.

Leverage your ERP investment

Your online sales channel should benefit from your SAP or Dynamics investment.

We know what it takes to setup and run an ERP environment. Implementation was costly and took quite some time of your staff. Classic interfacing web shops that synchronize their data, need to be maintained manually when your ERP changes. An integrated e-commerce web shop like Sana leverages these investments, by integrally using the calculations and data in the web shop.

Integrated vs. Interfaced

They all say they are integrated. Sana really is.

Classic webshops can run autonomously, meaning without the help of the ERP. Using interfaces, information is synchronized every now and then, and calculations and customizations are done twice: once in the web store, once in the ERP. It goes without saying that this is a costly, complex and sub-optimal solution. However, Sana is installed inside the ERP with certified components, using the ERP’s business logic and information like no other.


Benefits of ERP e-commerce integration

Benefits of Integrated e-commerce for Dynamics and SAP.

Integrating your online store with your ERP not only benefits your customer service, it also improves your sales efficiency. We’ve listed some of the benefits:

  • Installed quickly

No lengthy and expensive interfacing projects, no misunderstandings between your ERP vendor, hosting providers and webshop agencies; the out-of-the-box integrated e-commerce solution of Sana Commerce can be offered at a fixed price. Integration delivers clarity and a quick set-up.

  • Better customer service

Not only do your customers see their entire order history, pending orders and outstanding amounts, they as well get informed about the exact pricing, availability, and necessary parts and add-on’s for the products they buy.

  • No more double work

With an online store that interfaces with an ERP most proceedings are done twice: in the shop and in the ERP. However, with an integrated e-commerce webshop like Sana, all proceedings have to be done only one time, within the ERP.

  • Lower costs of maintenance

Changing assortment structures, trade agreements or discount terms; Sana automatically takes care of that since it simply follows what happens in the ERP. Single cost. Double advantage.

  • Flexibility

Since the Sana part within the ERP is delivered for current and past supported ERP versions, it is easy to upgrade your ERP. The integrated e-commerce Sana webshop will just keep running, within the new available ERP version as well.

Return on Investment (ROI)

A high return on investment (ROI) compared to interfaced web shops

An integrated web shop can be brought live much quicker than interfaced webshops. Since the integrated e-commerce architecture is much simpler than an interfaced setup, the implementation can be offered for a fixed price. Being quicker online also means that the revenue starts to contribute earlier to the result. The return on investment (ROI) for Sana is much higher compared to interfaced web shops.
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